Your Pacemaker 
Let your self-image be the pacemaker of your heart, your mind and your soul. Each day reactivate your successful instincts until the success habit becomes part of you, until it hypnotizes you – for, after all, habit is a form of self hypnosis.
Work hard to banish negative beliefs, to exterminate the seeds of loneliness. Work hard; it’s not easy. But you can do it.
War is hellish and if your mind is deeply entrenched in negative concepts, you will have to struggle fiercely to win your battle. But it is a battle worth winning.
So that you can live creatively- with joy.
So that you can laugh and sing and walk the streets proudly in broadly daylight. Let your strengthened self-image inspire you to move forward into a more vital way of life. Belief, belief in yourself, that is the best pacemaker of all. 

~ Og Mandino


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Thank You For Stopping By My Neck Of The www


I am Edel and I decided to start a blog because I want to share my thoughts with the world. Not that I am an expert in solving problems and have everything under control, far from it, I am just like you. I am figuring it out as I live. I’ve been in tough situations and have overcome them. I believe that sharing with you what has worked for me is a way to give back.


When I decided to start the blog, never crossed my mind all the things involved with it. First time doing anything like this. Starting a blog was not an easy task but that didn’t discourage me from doing it. In a matter of days, I had it up and running. Learned the basics as I went on. I am still learning!


Enter here the part: if I can do it YOU can do it too!

Blogging, like life, requires patience. There is much I don’t know, but also there’s so much I know. And every day I learn something new. Every day that I work on my blog I get better, just like in life. Practice. Working hard towards a goal. Making our dreams come true.


The most rewarding thing about it is touching someone’s life and help them feel better. In the form of encouragement to help them move past the struggles, heck even if they laugh at me! (Laughter is a great medicine.) Helping each other to become our better selves should be our goal in this world.


I named my blog Pacemaker and now has five categories (I’ve made some changes, added two new categories):

  1. Edel’s Corner, essentially a journal of my thoughts and things I am passionate about.
  2. Reader’s Nook, where I review books I’ve read. If you wrote a book and would like a review, send me an email.
  3. Central Stagehere I’ll be sharing stories of extraordinary people making a change in the world while overcoming their own challenges. If you would like to share your story with the world, send me an email.
  4. Writer’s Desk, a space dedicated to writing. What I have learned about writing by writing a blog.
  5. The Speech Club, a Toastmasters journey to a well-spoken life.


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Also, make sure to visit the page of Resources, where I share links to websites where you can get information about Type 1 Diabetes, Books (Affiliate Links) and other resources that I found interesting.



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