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My 500 Words Challenge

For the month of January, I’ll be participating in the My 500 Words Challenge. The Challenge was created by Jeff Goins and joined by people from all around the world with one same purpose, to make writing a habit.

Why I Joined

I joined the Challenge because I want to push myself into writing and get better at it. Since only practice makes a master, here I am all in. One of the rules of the Challenge is to write unedited 500 words, minimum. I love the idea of just write without worrying about the editing. Editing is one major roadblock for a writer. The way I see it is that you could write your heart out and get done with it, but then that little voice in your head tells you: “Is it good enough?” So you have to go back and edit it and go back again and edit some more, and some more as an extra precaution. Until you get to a point where you are afraid and doubt yourself about your work, and never publish it.

Please, don’t get me wrong. Editing is an essential part of writing and super duper necessary. (Yes, I did use those words – no judgements.) But, when editing becomes your culprit it takes away from the purpose of it.

My expectation

My goal by the end of the Challenge is to be able to write fluently. Take into account that my first language is Spanish and my mind tends to think – and over think- things in Spanish, not English. Training the mind is the first step. That’s why I’m reading as much as I can in English and speaking it as well, without shame of my accent.

Being able to express my self in a better way(s) will help you, my reader, understand the point I’m trying to make.

Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little. ~ Holley Gerth

How to accomplish this

Reading each day, not just a book but also articles, blogs, research papers, different styles of writing. Also, I’m learning a new word every day. Since I homeschooled my son, I need to be on top of my game so I have to expand my vocabulary or otherwise, my 8th-grade son will have a richer vocabulary than I do.  Today’s word is facetious, ironic, isn’t it?

Another way is to continue to write whatever comes to my mind throughout the day in addition to the Challenge. It will help me not only to stay organized with my thoughts but will give me plenty of ideas of what to write on my blog. Win-win for me!

I want to keep it simple and easy enough to stick to it and do it without feeling overwhelmed.

After the Challenge

After the Challenge, I will continue to write every day. As part of my goals for this year is to write on my blog every single day for one year. When I found the Challenge I was excited because it was what I needed to get me started on my habit. It helps me get over the self-criticism and the pressure to get it perfect.

For now, I’m just writing my heart and mind out without doubting myself. I have accepted the fact that I’m going to make mistakes. My plan is that at the end of each month, come back and review all the entries and edit them. By then I know I will have gained more knowledge than what I have now.

Hope you can stay with me through this journey of self-improvement by subscribing to my blog or leaving a comment below. Thank you for your time. <3

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