About Me - Edel Pace

Hi! I’m Edel.

Coffee lover.

Insulin enthusiast.

Latin sass. 


I am passionate about finding creative solutions to problems. Whether it is finding the most fitting word in a sentence or figuring out how to make a movie theater with cardboard boxes, I love the challenge of the unknown. Maybe that’s why I love to learn new things because it pushes me to think differently. And with a can-do attitude, I tackle every task and give my all to it. 

I’m a junior at the University of Memphis, majoring in Professional Writing and a minor in Creative Mass Media. I didn’t have a love for writing at an early age; in fact, it scared me, but as someone who loves to read, I appreciate the process of writing. On the other hand, I was born drawing. Growing up, I was the go-to for drawings and paintings in my family and close friends. 

As a writer, I believe one has to show empathy towards the reader, especially in technical writing. The words have to be simple enough to be understood without breaking the Merriam. 

As a designer, I believe one has to be all-embracing, so everyone can understand the story without the need for words— a picture, an illustration that represents a brand and its users. 

Currently, more about me:

Listening: Boleros, remembering my abuelitos and falling in love with love.

Reading: La Rayuela (Hopscotch) by Julio Cortázar, one of my all-time favorites.

Watching: YouTube (still), so many interesting videos!

Eating: Biscotti (see below).

Drinking: Coffee, of course! 

Learning: Ongoing learning of Adobe products, because I am not a master (yet). Also, learning about Figma because a friend recommended looking into it, so, here I am… learning.

Just in case you were wondering, SASS stands for Super Amazing Short Señorita.

You can say hi on Twitter or send me an email.

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