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Poem Again by Edel Pace


Again by Edel Pace Raging anguish in my heart, bone drilling agitation, fueled by the pain in my feelings. . . Love is truant, it’s fire smother. Death on a hunt, a life was taken. . . Like the warm ocean in June, waiting for the cold air, the news pushed me aside, And my …

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Books on the Go! - Edel Pace
Book Review

Books on the Go!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How do you carry your books on the go? A suitcase just for your books? Your spouse won’t be so happy about it, unless she/he got one of his own. Thanks to technology, we have “hacks” that make our life easier, and in this particular case, our reading life easier. I’m …

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Book Review Personal Growth

A Beautiful Art: Communication

“Communication is a science, not an art”, said my son. “Why not art?”, I inquired. Without a blink, he responded, “Because art should be beautiful and meaningful.”   The words uttered by a 13-year-old boy on a casual Tuesday afternoon started a deep conversation on how we communicate and why is so important to learn …

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Book Review

Book Review: A Rubber Face with a Stripper’s Name

The title of the book got my attention for its originality. Besides, the author has twins and I like to hear what other twin mamas got to say. I was not expecting what this book has to offer. Raw and true human nature. Reality. I have been reading memoirs lately, but this one is by …

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Book Review

Book Review: Estate Planning for the Sandwich Generation

A book everybody over the age of 18 should read and apply in their life. It is a topic we should not neglect. Plain and simple.  Estate Planning is an issue most of us don’t know about and should. This book teaches us the basics and helps us secure our family well-being.   Disclaimer: The author gifted me …

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