Beating the Holiday Madness

I prefer not to travel during the Holidays season. If you are like me and you can’t avoid it, here are my 6 tips on beating the Holidays madness.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead the Madness

Yes I know, it may sound cliché but it’s true. Don’t leave everything for the last minute. From buying the plane tickets or preparing your car for the road to making your bags and everything in between.  When traveling by plane try not to travel on peak dates instead travel a day earlier if possible, leave early, use online check-in if available, have your boarding pass on your cell phone. In the case of traveling by car look for alternative routes, plan your stops, consider blockages of roads, fill up your tank the day before departure.

Tip 2: Keep Your Info Handy

Of course, you are keeping everything with you. But bear with me here, not just your plane ticket info, I mean that plus car rental, hotel, passwords, telephone numbers, bank account/credit card numbers. It may sound crazy, but nowadays we depend so much on technology that when our cell phone goes dead we end up like a chicken with no head.

Tip 3: Travel Light

You don’t need to carry all your closet with you! During the Holidays is when must delays occur, the probability of your bags getting misplaced increases. Preferably use a Carry-On bag when traveling by plane and if you’re driving, consider travel light too (who wants to move 20 bags in and out of a car after a long drive right?).  If you must have a checked luggage, do not overpack it! Those are the ones that most likely are open for security check purposes.

Tip 4: Don’t Wrap your Holiday Presents

Wait till you get to your destination to wrap them. When flying with gifts there’s a chance that your wrapped gifts might get opened by security. Also, you might want to look into Duty-Free for last minute gifts. Your best bet is to ship your gifts.

Tip5: Pet Arrangements

Pets are part of the family, so make the necessary arrangements for them to stay in a comfortable and safe place while you are out of town during the Holidays. Make all the arrangements with time. And, if your pet is tagging along with you, get all your required documentation, bring a first-aid kit, use the proper identification, provide adequate food and water, and remember to don’t leave your pet unattended.

Tip 6: Enjoy the Ride or Fly

Have fun while traveling! Things tend to happen, good or bad, it’s up to you to make the most of it. Embrace the good as well the bad. Remember this is one of the busiest time of the year to travel, so keep your cool. Keep smiling, because when all is over you’ll have a good memory to share next holiday season!

Bonus Tip:

If you are a diabetic like me, you could be allowed an extra carry-on bag (backpack size) with all your supplies – only supplies! Check with your airline first but most do.

Hope these tips help you beat the holiday travel madness. Share your Holiday travel stories and remember to subscribe to my blog. Safe travels! <3

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  1. Great tips for those who travel. I will keep them in mind if I ever get the time and money to travel. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Edel says:

      Hi Latisha! Thank you for reading. Glad you found them helpful!

  2. Those are some great tips! We usually drive, so you can’t pack light, but I’m definitely going to start making sure I have all my info written down on paper and easily accessible. Great reminder!

    1. Edel says:

      Glad you found the tips helpful. Thanks for reading!

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