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Book Review: Think & Grow Balls!

Yes, you read that right. The title is indeed an attention grabber. A self-development book written for you to take action. Think & Grow Balls! presents you a series of chapters with one goal, to encourage you to do all you, until now, have thought was impossible to do. Based on the famous and respected book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.


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Think and grow balls



Think & Grow Balls! How to Shrink Your Fear & Enlarge Your Courage


Author: J.D. Bloodstone

ISBN: 978-0-557-18360-9


Format: Kindle Version



Based on the principle that fear will stop you cold on your tracks, the author wants to motivate you to take action. To give courage a chance in your life. J.D.’s goal is for you to not just sit on your ideas. He gives you a process, tools, and examples of how to take action.


Easy to read and easy to be comprehended by anyone. The base of the book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which by the way he recommends you to read if you haven’t yet.  If the title throws you off, don’t. I wouldn’t get offended by the title nor the passages where he uses the word “balls” or a synonym of. His intent, I believe, is to be as authentic as possible. Like talking to your buddies. I felt he wrote the book to be a conversation since he based his process on his take on several great books and present it to us in a summarized way. An easy way for us to follow and accomplish whatever we want to. Moreover, I believe in the end you will feel inspired and ready to take the bull by the horns.


Think and Grow Balls


I would recommend the book to anyone who is starting their way through self-development books. You will find gems inside (book recommendations) as well, that will broaden your development.


You can follow the author J.D. Bloodstone on Twitter.


Think & grow balls


Side Note

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  1. Just searched this one no luck. I am a audiobook girl but for a self help I will make an exception. Just listened to plus-size model Ashley Grahams new book. Didnt know what to expect, but had to support a fellow curvy girl it was cool to get a behind the scenes look of her plus-size model movement!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      While not available to the mass-market, I recorded an audio version of Think & Grow Balls! several years ago and made it available on my blog for free. You can find it here:

      I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think. Go easy on me though, I recorded it myself!
      Onward & Upward,

      1. Edel says:

        Thank you, JD. Awesome you can share with us this resource. I’m sure it’s great.

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