What does living life at your own pace mean? It means you doing you –  living on your terms. It’s a life that will make sense only to you. You will be happy, regardless of any resistance from others because you are doing life at your own way.  

When you find joy in all the things you do, you not only have  a happy life but also a fulfilled one. It is not easy to achieve this though, especially when our frantic activities take control and get us overwhelmed. Anxiety and stress take over our lives stealing our sanity. I know it’s easy to lose ourselves in the insanity of our time, but let’s try to focus on what matter the most. 

The trick is we have to learn how to live. When we realize that is not a race against anyone else but ourselves, we have taken the first step to achieve our goal. Realize we are in control of our lives, not the actions of others, but our own actions. So, the attitude we take towards any situation will determine the outcome.

Good (Decisions + Attitude) = Outcome 

It is that attitude that challenge the need within us and help improve our lives. However, is our responsibility, and ours alone, to be in charge of the decisions that will impact your life. We cannot blame those on anyone. 


Live your life at your own pace


Running For Their Life

Have you ever been in a race, 5k or a marathon? There you see runners that are all in different levels. These runners are there because they share the same passion, to run. There’s the pro-runner that will finish the race in an extraordinary time. Then there are the ones that are serious about running but is not their main focus, they finish in a good time. Then there are the beginners that like running but are new to it. And then, we have a group of people that like running but are not what you would expect what a runner looks like or let’s say they have limitations against them, age, health issues, disability, and many more. But is this group that summarizes what the other three are about, the passion for running.

This last group, have it set in their minds and hearts what they want is to run, and they are out there running, at their own pace – nevertheless running. They are not trying to beat the pro runner or match-up against the beginner. They’re there to accomplish something for themselves.

By acknowledging their limitations and working around them, they set themselves free to live a life without restrictions. The people in the last  group are not paying attention to what the people in the other three groups are doing. They are focused on their own path, this allows them to achieve what might seem impossible.

We all have challenges. Each of these four groups face their own problems and they deal with them. Those problems are not going to be used as excuses to stop them from pursuing their desire. They run for them, they run because they love to run, in other words they run because is their life.

Long-run Objective

We live in different stages and depending on which stage we are, it will determine our pace. When we recognize our desire and potential within  ourselves, it will be easier to understand that is not a race against our peers instead it is a race against ourselves. At the same time, when we focus our energy inwardly, we will stop worrying about the place we’re going to finish in the race because our long-run objective is to finish. 

Continuing with the race/running example, the pro-runners, of course, they are running to win the race, but they are also running to beat their own time. Even if its one second less. Most of them even train together and even have the same coach and sponsors. They help each other as a team. However, their goal is to better their own time.

So, it doesn’t matter in what stage we are on. By stage I mean, if we just found your passion or we are working on it or if we are living your passion already. The pro-runner of today was yesterday’s beginner. The beginner of yesterday had a desire. The beginner worked on that desire, on the ultimate goal. Encountering many problems along the way, but their determination and attitude that kept them headed to the finish line.

Jesse Owens on dreams



Here are some examples on how determination, dedication, attitude, self-dedication, and effort move the balance in our favor when we strive for the best in us, no matter the circumstances. These are examples on how overcoming all obstacles and not comparing ourselves to the rest but instead focusing on us and our goals will  help us excel in achieving our goals. 

These examples are run-related, to stay on theme. 

Zoe Koplowitz

She lives with the daily challenges of both multiple sclerosis and diabetes, she has successfully completed a total of twenty-two marathons, all in the last place.


Bob Wieland

Vietnam War veteran who lost his legs in 1969. He was inspired to become a marathon participant. He is the only double amputee to finish the difficult Kona, Hawaii Ironman race without a wheelchair.


Like these examples, there are many, many more. The circumstances does not determine the outcome, our attitude does. The effort we put on it does. The grit we use to approach our life does determine the outcome.  

As you can see, you are in charge of your life. You can achieve a fulfilling life if you are up for the run. Not letting the obstacles detour you from the path, instead, motivate you to go after your goal. Not comparing yourself to anyone, but getting inspired by the ones that came before you. Live a good life, living it at your own pace!


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  1. I love this! It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, especially when you’re trying to reach a goal. It’s so important to remember life isn’t a competition.

  2. I love this post! I am all about self love and being comfortable in your skin. In your post you speak to being comfortable in your limitations. Despite some limitations, you can finish the race at your own pace!

  3. I enjoyed this article and how you related life pacing to a runner’s pace. Well, I’m definitely in the unexpected runner group but I just keep moving 🙂 Thank you for sharing this article

  4. Edel, this is such a great reminder to not fall into the comparison trap! It is so easy to try and peek at the person or people “in the next lane” and try to run the race in the same manner they are. We are our own person running our own race, and we are supposed to encourage others around us, not be out to beat them. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement!

    1. Edel says:

      You are absolutely right Lindsey. So many times we get caught up on that game. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading.

  5. Spot on! The comparison game is so damaging to our happiness as well as to us even trying to achieve our goals in the first place. If we can focus on ourselves and not worry about the others, we’ll do so much better.

    1. Edel says:

      Hi Terry! You’re absolutely correct, we’ll be much better without comparison. Thanks for reading 😊.

  6. Sage advice. As we know chronic disease can help us to get to this perspective. You articulate the process for us. Inspiring.

    1. Edel says:

      Hi Verla! True, we would see the world from a new perspective. We won’t take things for granted. Thank you for reading!

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