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Fast Pace, Slow Pace, My Pace

Let me start by saying that it hasn’t been easy. I have been through a lot, but keep going strong. Why? Because I’m living my life at my own pace. Not at a fast pace, not at a slow pace, but at my pace.

By the time I was 20 years old was already done with college and working. Had an awesome position in a great place, learning tons from my from my boss and peers, traveling all around the world and just having a great experience overall. Let’s say I conquered the world and life was amazing! Winning in all aspects of my life. My son was born in my 20’s, my blessing. The first piece of my puzzle that makes sense.

At the beginning of my 30’s, something was missing… I needed a change. Loved my work and the people. They had become family. But I needed that extra something. Some called me crazy for leaving my stable great job for uncertainty. Why in the hell I leave a secured job having all kinds of responsibilities to venture myself and kid in tow to who knows what? Because of him! My son was my reason. As silly as it sounds, he was my reason.  It could have been easier to stay in my job, but… that wheel consumes and takes your soul. You start to get comfortable where you are. Start fearing change, forgetting to live your life in the now. Leading to forgetting what makes you smile. Then you start running on autopilot, wake up, work, sleep and repeat – without noticing you become unhappy.


my pace


Giving up is Not an Option, living at my own pace is


I found my fire, my momentum and went for it. Making mistakes along the way. Learning, laughing, crying, screaming, loving, fearing. All kinds of emotions. There’s no straight line to success. There’s no magic formula. The secret is hard work.  Perseverance. Acceptance. Above all love for yourself.

Today I am happy! What else can I say? I’m glad I listen to my gut and did a change. Took a risk and may have given up things in order to achieve my goal. At the end, totally worth it!  Wasn’t that crazy after all, right?

My advice to you is to follow your heart, your gut, your passion. The reward may surprise you. It doesn’t matter if you are going fast or slow pace, as long you keep going… going at your own pace!

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  1. Bravo! Way to take action for yourself. I love reading your story and I am sure that it will resonate with more people than just me. So many people seem to hit that “Is there more to life?” stage at around the same time, and some are “lucky” enough to find what they are looking for, like you!

    I love your blog and will come here often to see how things are going for you! Thank you for sharing your journey!

    1. Edel says:

      Thank you so much, Irma. Your words encourage me to keep going.

      Your blog helps me in this blog journey, tons of excellent information. Thanks!

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