You are a promise come true, a blessing that gave me life, my first son.

Before I got pregnant, I made a promise. The promise became alive in you. You came to fulfill my life; you make it better. You became the blessing I needed—a fresh breeze with the force of a tornado, a boy, my son.

You will never know or comprehend the love of a mother. And that’s okay. All you need to do is to receive it. Not even to give back, because you are already receiving back what your presence created, love.

Love so big that there are no words to describe it. You became the word.
You are full of dreams and hopes and a firm conviction of your beliefs. I admire the bravery and enthusiasm of your spirit. A spirit that is untempered and kind.

No matter how tall you get, how big you get, how mature you get… All I see is the little boy that called me Maye. The one who hung to my neck, not letting go—the little boy inside of the man.

Te amo mi niño,


My Son A Promise Come True
You are a promise come true, a blessing that gave me life, my first son. No matter how taller you get… all I see is the little boy inside of the man. Click To Tweet

I Sometimes Wish
To My Son

I sometimes wish you were still small,
Not yet so big and strong and tall.
For when I think of yesterday,
I close my eyes and see you play.

I often miss that little boy
Who pestered me to buy a toy.
Who filled my days with pure delight,
From early morning to late at night.

We watch our children change and grow
As seasons come, then quickly go.
But our God has a perfect plan
To shape a boy into a man.

Today, my son, I’m proud of you
for all the thoughtful things you do.
I’ll love you till my days are done,
And I’m so grateful you’re my son.

~Larry Howland

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  1. I have three sons who are all grown and tall – but still have so many precious memories of when they were small. Such a special gift to love and nurture a child from boy to man 🙂 Beautiful poem and post x

  2. I cannot forget what my father told me when I was young – You will never understand how it is to be a parent until you become one.

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