A New Obsession: Bullet Journal

Do you like planners? I do. Colorful, cute planners. Often you can’t get a planner that is designed in the way that works for you. That’s why this year I started a morphed of dot and bullet journal. I got a new obsession: Bullet Journal. (Contains Affiliate Links)


My own way


All those cute letterings that we see on Pinterest or on Instagram got my attention. Finally took the plunge. Dot journaling is a simple, yet efficient way to keep everything organized. I like that, no extra work required. You design your own pages the way it will work for you. On bullet journaling, you make more colorful designs and drawings. Although a little more effort is a way to boost your creativity.


I do a mix of dot and bullet journaling. On the monthly and weekly spreads, among others, I like to decorate them a little. For the daily and journal part of it, I do it with a more minimalist approach. It is what works for me, right?


One of the main reasons why I started doing this journal was because I don’t need to follow a specific pre-design page. There’s no right or wrong way to add page layout or the location of them. I’m not an expert, this is my first journal. So I’m not here to give you tips on how you should do it. But, I’d like to give my insight on what I have learned so far about it. What has worked for me and hopefully it will help too.


5 Things I learned so far


  • It is meant to be fun, keep it that way. No need to stress over not being “good enough”. Especially if you are a beginner like me and don’t have much experience in lettering. Only practice makes master. Remember that.


  • It’s okay to make mistakes. I was so afraid of doing a mistake that was taking the fun out of it. But then I realize that it was ok because I could find a creative way to fix it. When I was making the Key I make so many mistakes that it looked horrible. Solution: I put new paper on top of it. The result was better than what I expected.


  • You can use ANY notebook. Usually, dotted notebooks are used to do bullet journals, but not necessarily.  I’m using a ruled one, standard size. You can even use a sketch notebook for this purpose too. Whilst you can use any notebook, try to find one that has thicker pages (my preference), that way you won’t worry about page ghosting. Also, look for a notebook that is sturdy and flexible at the same time, so you can easily open it flat.


  • Wait until you are ready to buy expensive markers and pens. When I was in the buying supplies process, I was baffled at the prices of the markers, especially the Tombow. I didn’t want to buy a set and later not like them. However, I did buy a Tombow starter kit (all black markers).  The Crayola markers I keep in the house for our homeschool projects came handy. To my surprise, they work well and give that brush effect. For the pens, I like the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. As you can see I didn’t go crazy spending a lot of money. Maybe later I’ll be buying all those nifty markers and pens.


  • A white paper is your friend. When in doubt about how a specific look, practice on a white piece of paper on the side. That way you can avoid making errors and will give you an idea of how a specific look will turn out.



  • Join a community. I found an online Bullet Journal community, Boho Berry. By joining them you not only get to learn tons from people that have years doing this art but also, you get support on the new journey. A quick search will give you different groups to join. I just happen to like this one.
Making the journal my own. Key page re-done after many mistakes.


Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do things in a bullet journal. It will depend on you, your likes and dislikes. How artistic you want to be or on the other hand, how minimalistic you want to go. And please, have fun in the process.


Do you bullet journal, any tips you would like to share? Leave me a comment below and remember you can subscribe to the blog here.

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