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One fundamental part of my development have been reading. It is more than a hobby, books are my friends. Silent friends that always have a word of encouragement. This section is dedicated to them. To show them a little appreciation for all they have done for me, from transporting me to fictional places to real ones, to expanding my mind about new things to eradicating erroneous behaviors.

Books have been there to bring support in times when I could not find a good answer or word to a problem. In this technological world, were it is easier to Google something than to search for it on a encyclopedia… I know, at the speed things change now, the encyclopedias go outdated faster than a blink. Still, learning to find our way through books is a lost art.

I’ve never had a proper log for the books I read and I just pile them in my night stand as my TBR, I have found that keeping an organized record for my books is a must. So, this page is an attempt to do just that. Books read, books to be read, upcoming releases, and all in between. At the same time, this will be a collection of accomplishments, since finishing a book is that. Little big wins that push us to do more.

I will be updating  it often to add everything I want to share with you, but since I am a mom whose free time depends on her children, I will be posting the last update date here for your reference. Also, to make it easier to refer to, divide the sections by year, instead of genre. After completing the years I could reestructure and do year and genre.

Last Update: 06/04/2019

You may also want to head to the Book Reading Challenge and see the prompts. No need to complete them all, although if you do: Awesome! Also the Categories Reader’s Nook includes reviews on some books I’ve gotten for free.

2019: A Year to fill with Books

2018: Reading List

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