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Edel Pace - Coffee Bean Poem

Coffee Bean

I am a coffee bean,born from the ground. Nourished by the rain, kissed by the sun. Bloom as renewed promised of love, in green, sweet nectar inside in red, ripened on my terms. My boldness forged by the sun, through trial and tribulations, I’m becoming who you love, a strong fluid of forces. My skin …

Poem Again by Edel Pace


Raging anguish in my heart,bone drilling agitation,fueled by the painin my feelings. Love is truant,it’s fire smother.Death on a hunt,a life was taken. Like the warm ocean in June,waiting for the cold air,the news pushed me aside,And my life drifted. By eternal decree– your life lifted. The flame of lifehas gone ballistic,does not know of …