3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge: Hope

The 3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge is a way to share quotes we love. I was nominated by M.G. Wells, check her blog and show her some love by liking, commenting and following her.  I appreciate you nominating me. Thank you bunches, M.G.!


Today’s topic is Hope.


Take what you need




My Two Quotes


After giving some thought which quotes to use, I decided on the following:


Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest.
The soul, uneasy, and confin’d from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

~ Alexander Pope, An Essay of Man



If you haven’t read about Alexander Pope, read this post where I talk about him.


Alexander Pope






Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

~ Stephen King


I bet you know who Stephen King is. I’ve been learning a lot from him lately.



Stephen King




My Three Nominees


For this Challenge I nominate:

  1. In The Thick of It Blog
  2. The Three Snackateers
  3.  Witte’s World


Since this is for fun and no obligation required, please do not feel pressured to participate.



Rules of  3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge


1 topic, 2 quotes, 3 bloggers

The nominated bloggers will post 2 quotes on that topic and nominate 3 bloggers of their own and let’s see how far we can take that topic for the day.

  • Thank the Selector
  • Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day
  • Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’




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(7) Comments

  1. Who knew Stephen King had a soft side 😀!!!
    Love your topic ❤️
    Thanks for asking me to do this!!!! Brainstorming now 👍🏽

    1. Edel says:

      Hi Sharon! Right? I’m loving Stephen King so much lately. Looking forward reading yours.

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I am honored.

    1. Edel says:

      You’re welcome! Looking forward to reading your post.

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  4. What a great idea! I just finished reading your “about” page, and its full of great quotes, inspiration, and vantage points. I actually used to collect quotes and add them to a part of facebook profile. I wonder if they are still there.

    1. Edel says:

      I love quotes, they inspire me. Small nuggets of wisdom. Probably they are still there, Facebook keeps everything. Thank you for stopping by! =)

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