Thank You! Thank You!

I’m sorry you didn’t find the article you searched for. 

Since November 2017, you have supported my creative space, Pacemaker Blog. I appreciate your readership and your friendship. 

After further consideration, I have decided to retire the blog. 

Why? Because I’m focusing my attention on my new venture, E Pace Studio

My next step is to use this space as my portfolio to showcase my professional work. 

As always, you are welcome to be part of it. 

I am working on completing the Studio webpage in the next few weeks. 

E Pace Studio will be my virtual workplace. 

I will be providing technical writing services to small business owners who want to develop manuals, documentation, and how-to guides to serve their clients and employees better. 

I hope you visit me here and in the Studio, and find the information I provide valuable. 

Again, thank you for your support! 

My friend, remember to Live Your Life at Your Own Pace! 


Edel Pace

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